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The heart of Sultan Suleiman

The example for Erdogan, by Jaap Scholten *By the end of May 2016 writer Jaap Scholten visited the recently discovered tomb of Suleiman I The Magnificent. A great discovery that even attracts the Turkish president Erdogan, an admirer of Sultan...

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Peacekeeping between East and West in the 17th century

Dutch mediation helped to make peace: Jacob Colyer: Mediating between the European and the Ottoman World In a time when international contacts came not as natural as they currently do, Jacob Colyer and to a lesser extent his father Justinus played...

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Sofia, historic kaleidoscope

One of the highlights on the Sultanstrail is the city of Sofia. The capital of Bulgaria now is a vibrant city with a turbulent history. Donna Buchanan describes vividly how this history manifests itself in many aspects to the visitor. History woven...

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The 1683 Battle of Vienna: Islam at Vienna’s gates

Relief came out of the woods and down from the heights…For nearly two long months, from July 14 to early September 1683, Vienna endured the siege of a vast Turkish army. The Turkish Serasker (Supreme Commander), Grand Vizier Kara “Black” Mustafa,...

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Ottoman influences on Balkan music

by Crispijn Ooomes Ottoman culture has had many influences on the music of the Balkan. Musical elements that we call Turkish or Arabic actually have their roots in Ancient Greece and medieval Europe. What is the attraction of Balkan music? Many...

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The Ambassadors Route

Yerasimos, Stephane (1991) [1] Les Voyageurs dans l’Empire Ottoman (XIVe-XVIe siècles). Bibliographie, Itinéraires et Inventaire des Lieux Habités, some pages in translation[2] ISBN 975-16-0290-4 For his study, Yerasimos collected over 600 travel...

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The Leiden Sketchbook

Towns along the road from Vienna to Constantinople (1577-1585). Hainburg/Donau staging point on the road to Istanbul, seen from the Slovakian shore. Devin in the foreground. Sketch from the Leiden Sketchbook, 16e century. Collection of Old...

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