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Hike with friends on the Sultans Trail. Edirne to Istanbul

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Hike with friends of the Sultans Trail from Edirne to Istanbul.

18 April - 2 May 2023

Special opportunity to hike with the creators of the Sultans Trail. We will start in Edirne and hike to the Suleymaniye in Istanbul. It’s to promote the pilgrimage lifestyle and also to submerge ourselves into the Turkish hospitality.
When Friends of the Sultans Trail travel with friends, every companion is co-responsible for the success of the trip. You book your own flights. You co-decide where to sleep, what and where to eat.
Furthermore, you are free to participate in any common activity. Of course, you share in the costs of these mutual activities. All of this in good harmony.
You are provided with the Sultans Trail App for self-navigation, and experienced companions will help you use it. You make sure that you are properly insured.
Cost involved:
Sultans Trail start package: 225 Euro
Payable at the website
Start package Includes:
Sultans Trail passport,
German Language guidebook of Sultans Trail in Türkiye,
Digital information package
Turkish speaking experienced Sultans Trail hiker as companion
Not included in the start package:
Travel expenses, accommodation, food, entrance fees, and other activities you wish to participate.

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