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Sultans Trail Android Hiking App

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Sultans Trail Android Hiking App

Sultans Trail app is a digital field guide for hiking on the Sultans Trail, a 2500 km long trail from Vienna to Istanbul, named after Suleiman the Magnificent. The trail passes through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, northern Greece, and Turkey.

The app includes routes, descriptions and photos for the path, split into 6 sections and 115 daily stages. Each section has a description, photos and a POI list.

The application offers detailed offline maps and a useful list of POIs with a comprehensive search engine.

In the field, the app identifies the nearest adventure/route, guides you to it and then along it by displaying messages and warnings on junctions or other important locations. Points of Interest, are displayed on the map. If the hiker gets off-trail, the app indicates the shorter way to get back safely

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