The Sultans Trail is a 2500 km long-distance hiking and cycling trail from Vienna to IstanbulIf you want to hike the entire Sultans Trail, it will take an average person 20-25 weeks to complete it. Cyclists will need around 5 weeks to do so.

Cultural influences
The Sultans Trail passes through an amazing nature with many idyllic old villages boasting Ottoman, Habsburg, Byzantine, Roman and communist heritage; from archaeological sites, imposing castles, old monasteries to “brutalist architecture” dating from the Soviet modernist era. Many civilizations have had their influence here. You will be surprised by this rich mix of cultures.

East meets West

Contrary to its past, then a path of conquest, the Sultans Trail nowadays is a path of peace, a meeting place for people of different faiths, cultures and backgrounds. That’s why we choose consciously to let this Sultans Trail, a European Cultural Route, run back from Vienna to Istanbul, from conquest to “collaboration in diversity”.


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Natural reserves


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Ralf  Lopian on why to travel

Ralf Lopian on why to travel

“You are crazy!” A very common response I encounter when talking about my plan. Some people wonder if there are compelling and sensible reasons to cycle around the world. In my opinion, yes, there are actually many.

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Myrthe on the Sultans Trail

Myrthe on the Sultans Trail

When I was thinking about taking a few months off from work and decided that I wanted to do a hiking or biking trail, I started to search through the internet for trails. Santiago de Compostela was an option, but I actually wanted to do something different….

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Jagna,  Through the Balkans

Jagna, Through the Balkans

“You are going to hike for three months? Through the Balkans?? ALONE???”

Having confirmed each of these questions with a “yes”, I could almost always expect to hear one of the following exclamations: “Are you not afraid? Alone, as a woman, from Vienna to Bulgaria?”

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“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old”

Austrian Proverb

Lepši chlebik v pokojí, ako koláč v rozbroji

Better to eat bread in peace, than cake amidst turmoil

Slovak Proverb

Ez van, ezt kell szeretni

This is what it is

Hungarian Proverb

Žuri polako

Hurry slowly: More speed, less haste

Croatian Proverb

Uzdaj se u se i u svoje kljuse

Trust yourself and your horse

Serbian Proverb

След дъжд – качулка

“You put your hood on after the rain”

Bulgarian Proverb

Σπίτι μου σπιτάκι μου και σπιτοκαλυβάκι μου

My home, my little home, a little house of my own

Greek equivalent of “Home, sweet home”

Selamün Aleyküm

I great in peace

Turkish meet and greet