The board of the Sultans Trail foundation consists of volunteers. They do not receive any remuneration for their work.

Sedat Cakir Chairperson

Sedat Çakır


Founder of the Sultans Trail.

+31 6 508 90 696

Max Smits


Manager of the Sultans Trail.

+31 6 439 02 139

Diana Harkes


Treasurer of the Sultans Trail.

+31 6 123 456 78

Odile Keulers


Secretary of the Sultans Trail.

+31 6 44444 293

Explanation of annual reports 2015, 2016 and 2017

Please note reports are in Dutch


Please note reports are in Dutch

  • profit and loss account
  • balance
  • 2015

  • profit and loss account
  • balance
  • Please note reports are in Dutch


    Guus Post

    General Consultant

    Consultancy and early adaptor, pioneer of the route.

    +31 6 131 89 704

    Elena Dubinina

    Cultural Routes Consultant

    Cultural routes consultant.

    +31 6 123 456 78


    Sedat Cakir Chairperson

    Iris Bezuijen

    Webmaster, Cycling Trail

    Contact Iris about the cycling trail or the Sultans Trail website she’s always happy to hear from you, also if you are traveling onwards after Istanbul…

    ❤️ the journey
    🦋 enjoy nature
    💚 spend time @sufitrail
    💜 @sultanstrail
    ❤️ @sedatcakir1960

    +31 6 440 44 790

    Merel van Essen

    DTP, Illustrator, Social Media

    Life, hike, bike, love and be in the nature. 2021, cycling tour in Sweden

    Travel Art & Books

    Winnie Bosman


    By the way, do you have a nice article for the coming newsletter contact Winnie, she is always happy to hear from you.

    +31 6 30801497


    Open position

    Like to join the webteam? Were looking for a WordPress, Divi lover to come and travel with us on our web-adventure. Please contact if you are interested!

    +31 6 440 44790

    Henk Juffer

    Coordinator Romania

    Romania would not have been on the map if it wasn’t for Henk Juffer. If you have any questions regarding the Sultans Trail in Romania, Henk is your man.

    Bas Kleine

    Coordinator Romania and Banat

    Bas has extended knowledge about Romania and Banat, he also has written an essay for the academic board.

    Arjan Schuiling

    Coordinator Bulgaria

    Explore Bulgaria with Arjan he knows the Rilla mountains and is an excellent guide. There are group hikes on the Bulgarian part of the Sultans Trail with Arjan and make sure you join him as his groups are often fully booked. And with good reason, great person to hike with

    Bram Schouten

    Coordinator Hungary

    Bram is a multi diverse hiker he has knowledge of the whole Sultans Trail and beyond. He is also organising the ‘spring walks’ with Max Smits as the travel two weeks in spring year by year, great hike to join and it’s a big bonus if Bram is with you.

    Max Smits

    Coordinator Serbia

    Serbia is in the good hands of Max the Sultans Trail …

    +31 6 439 02 139

    Rob Polko

    Map maker

    Mapmakers are the core business of Sultans Trail if you could see it that way. We are over the moon that in remote areas we have maps made by the map makers team. Rob is the architect of the Sultans Trail maps in our guidebook and is a pillar for the Trail. Rob is a dedicated team member and with the Sultans Trail since the early days.

    Academic Council

    Ton Waarts


    Ton Waarts is our academic chairman for all academic-related issues and the symposium coming @November 2021 contact Ton.

    more info on the Academic Council page

    Anneke van Mulekom


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    Max Smits


    Max Smits is a member of the Academic Council

    more info on the Academic Council page

    +31 6 439 02 139

    Dr. Aleksandra Terzic


    Dr. Aleksandra Terzic, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
    “Is attention for Ottoman heritage in South-Eastern Europe a viable subject for tourism?”


    Prof. Dr. Jovan Popesku


    Prof. Dr. Jovan Popesku, Institute for Peace through Tourism, IIPT Serbia
    Building of Sustainable Peace through Tourism”

    President of


    Prof. Dr. Rene van der Duim


    Prof. Dr. Rene van der Duim, Wageningen University and Research
    “The Way found and to go”


    Tatjana Katic


    Tatjana Katic, Senior Research Fellow at the Institut of history Belgrade


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