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Hiking the Sultans Trail

by Mariette van Beek

Walking the Sultans Trail from Vienna to Istanbul you will experience Europe as it always was: a melting pot of groups, cultures and religions. You also discover, one step at a time: the other looks like me. Christians and Muslims share not only lands and old wounds, but also saints and prophets. In the footsteps of the Ottomans, you actually become a contemplative pilgrim, I experienced. Read more

This blog is the updated version of an article that appeared in February 2014 in the Jacobsstaf, the body magazine of camino-goers of the Nederlandse Genootschap van Sint Jacob. It was written in Dutch by travel-journalist Mariette van Beek and appeared on her Mirakelzreizen-blog in 2021.

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Sultans Trail in the spotlight

  • The Sultans Trail also pops up at other websites. We were notified that we are mentioned at the website of Hostel 101 Dalmatinac in Vukovar, Croatia (not Split!. Of  course, this benefits us and helps to get our Trail known in other countries as well.
  • Moreover, we are happy that the Sultans Trail cycling route is presented at the website of EuropaFietsers. It fulfils a need of Dutch and Belgian cyclists to cycle beyond Belgrade towards Istanbul or even to Jerusalem, perhaps even to China following the Silk Road.   Guidebooks are available through the webshop of EuropaFietsers or through our own webshop.


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