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Digital Information Package

The Digital Information Package contains all the information that a hiker may need about the trail. The Digital Information Package is available from the Webstore.


The GPS tracks of all 115 stages are enclosed in the Digital Information PAckage. The length of a stage varies between 17 and 32 km, depending on the availability of accommodation. The average stage length is 20 km.
The GPS tracks are meant for self-navigation and suitable for Garmin devises and most mobile GPS apps (Android and IOS), like OsmAnd, Locus Map, Back Country Navigator, ViewRanger, Orux Maps, Wikiloc.

The tracks are also made available in kml-format for Google Earth and

Places of Interest

A comprehensive list of “Locations and addresses” contains information regarding accommodation, transport facilities, sights to see, and more.
Each location is also included in a POI-file in GPS format, to be loaded into a GPS-app.


The list “Locations and addresses” contains approximately 850 accommodations along the trail, with coordinates, contact details, like telephone numbers, email address, website, when these are available.
For larger cities, we have included a selection of accommodations on offer.

Sights to See

The list “Locations and addresses” also contains approximately 270 places worth seeing, including Unesco heritage sites, archaeological sites, historical buildings and locations etc. and a brief explanation of the site.


Transportation facilities are included in the list “Locations and Addresses” when we believe you may want to know about them when you want to get to accommodation or get on or off the trail. These include airports, train stations, bus stops and terminals as well as bridges and ferries.

Sultans Trail Complete App



  • 9maps
  • 9tracks
  • 9accommodations
  • 9transportation
  • 9sights-to-see
  • 9information points
  • 9eating and drinking

All information from the Digital Information Package is integrated into the Sultans Trail App for Android Mobile phones, available from Google Playstore

With this App, you can navigate on the Sultans Trail and you will see what accommodation is located along the track, as well as transportation options, Sights top see, and other points of interest.

The App allows you to preview a track and assess any special location, before departure, including ascends and descends.

The App automatically loads the appropriate online map but also allows you to pre-install a map for offline use.

All data are pre-installed and ready to use.


The Sultans Trail App offers the following maps:

  • Open Street Map; in Outdoors format, Topo map, Mapnik and Cycle map.
  • Bing Maps; Road map, Satellite or hybrid format.

Off-line vector maps can be downloaded with an in-app function from Mapsforge:,
for further instructions, see here


The App allows you to store data on an extra memory card when you have one on your phone.

The Sultans Trail App is available @ Google Playstore



  • Austria: Various maps available, the Austrian stretch is also described in print including historical background and GPX-coordinates.
  • Slowakia: Various maps available.
  • Hungary: Travel book stores, like Piéd a Terre (Amsterdam), sell booklets of the so-called Blue Route and various maps
  • Croatia: Under development


  • Serbia: Bicycle maps of the Danube route (Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Novi Sad and Belgrade to Smederevo) available through
  • Romania: Under development.
  • Bulgaria: Outdoorstore Stenata right in the heart of Sofia (5 Miladinovi str.) sells maps of the mountain ranges: the Rila, Pirin en Rodopi. These maps are also sold in some Dutch travel book stores.
  • Turkey: Maps of the daily stages are printed in the SultansTrail guidebook for Turkey.
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