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Become a Sultans Trail friend, volunteer or intern

Of course, developing and maintaining a European hiking path is a huge task. Are you willing to help? Lots of tasks are awaiting enthusiastic volunteers!

Right now we are looking for volunteers that want to mark part of the Sultans Trail in Serbia in cooperation with Wilfried Pieters from Belgium. He speaks Serbian. Do you want to help? Send an email with your motivation to

  • We are looking for pioneers that want to hike part of the route and are willing to provide feedback on what they encounter: how can we improve the route any further?
  • Any suggestions for sponsoring and subsidies are always welcome.
  • Who wants to help us investigate the opportunities for European subsidies?
  • Who wants to help us create, update and refine our Wikipedia information in various languages? We would like Wikipedia lemmas in Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, Slovakian, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Who wants to help out SultansTrail at fairs or festivals and help us with our pr?
  • Who likes to mark parts of the route or knows someone who would like to do this?
  • Who wants to help us design maps using Openstreetmaps?
  • Who can help us acquiring funds?
  • Who can design apps?
  • Who can help with our social media (Facebook and Twitter)?

Are you interested; please send an email to!

    Be part of the road to Istanbul become a Volunteer of Sultans Trail!

    Merchant & Volunteer Info

    Long term volunteer and friend of the Sultans Trail Iris Bezuijen is with the Sultans Trail for more than seven years and developed the cycling trail from Istanbul to Vienna in two directions. “I never knew doing what you like would be so rewarding in countless ways”. The Sultans Trail team is a family that works together and builds more then just a route to Istanbul. 

    It’s easy to join the crew, you just start walking or cycling or just drop by in the office in the Netherlands if you have the opportunity. There are many volunteers that helped build the Sultans Trail as we know it today, it’s hard not to like being part of this thriving community.

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