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The Academic Council of the Sultans Trail Foundation studies the many cultures and rich history along the Sultans Trail. To this end, the Council brings together scientists with a similar interest. Our Academic Collaboration page will show you the list of people and institutes we work with.

Members of the Council regularly come across academic research papers, with subjects related to our route, which are of interest to a wider audience. These papers and their authors can be found in the Academic Library of the Foundation.

Articles containing background information and other stories can be found on our In-Depth page. Read them, to get in the mood for your trip on the Sultans Trail! 

The Academic Council is responsible for supervising the students who are doing an internship at the Sultans Trail Foundation. For more information see: Internship

The Academic Council strives to regularly organize international symposia, conferences and meetings.  Last years Symposium was titled “Close encounters between East and West” and took place on the 26th of August in Haarlem, NL. The next Symposium will be organized in Belgrade in September 2023 in close cooperation with our Serbian partners.  

Academic Council

Ton Waarts


Ton Waarts is the chairman of the Academic Council and contactperson for all academic-related issues, as well as the international Sultans Trail Symposium coming september 2023 in Belgrade.

Read about the last Academic Symposium 2022 in Haarlem NL

Anneke van Mulekom


Anneke van Mulekom is a member of the Academic Council. She studied arthistory at the University of Amsterdam.  She is intrigued by the mutual influence of East and West, in history and present, even more so in the regions of the Balkans where East and West meet.

Max Smits


Max Smits is a member of the Academic Council. He is the person to talk to about all internships and other academic research projects of students. He has a keen interest in the culture and history of the countries on the Sultans Trail

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