Get your inspiration from fellow-travellers

Packing for a trip whether hiking or cycling, going 4 days or 40 days; it is often a multiple day challenge. 

Of course there are the experienced and organized ones, who keep their hiking gear in one drawer and when the time is there, they just whip it all into their backback or panniers, and off they go. 

But for normal earthlings this is way too next-level. We start collecting our gear weeks ahead of departure, making piles of cloths on the dinnertable, putting everything we may ever need on that same table, only to conclude it will never ever fit, even though we are convinced there is next-to-nothing on that table. At that point it is good to call in the help of an experienced friend, who will then mercilessly pull out all the stuff you wanted to take for “comfort”, “maybe” or “what if”, to make it fit. 

Not everybody has a friend like that, so on this page we will publish the packinglists of your fellow-travellers on the SultansTrail.

Pack your bags and smile



On April 28 we will fly to the Bulgarian capital Sofia and continue by bus to the village of Yundola located on the eastern flanks of the Rila mountains, the highest mountain range in Bulgaria. Hopefully most of the snow will be gone in late April so we can make our descent into Velingrad, one of the most famous spa resorts in the country on our first hiking day.


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