Follow Sedat and Iris on their bycicle tour.
The trip is recorded on Polarsteps. Swipe to see details. 

This picture diary gives an overview of the cycling days from Belgrade to Istanbul.  We wrote little daily stories of our cycling adventure and even though you cycle through two mountain ranges, the Rhodopi and Karpaten the route is fairly flat.

To explore these countries by bike is very easy as the Sultans Trail is always close to the train. In Bulgaria and Serbia, the train cost including your bicycle onboard is extremely low so you can cover a big part and get back in time for connecting flights. 

2018 | 3 Cycling cowboys to Belgrade

Reverse bicycle trip from Istanbul to Belgrade, with Guus Post.

Our journey with Guus Post from Istanbul to Belgrade was successful and can be read and viewed in this Polarsteps journal.

Guus Post is the Sultans Trail advisor and has hiked many journeys on the Sultans Trail so to explore by bike he said was actually a hiker on a bike.


Articles related to the development of the Sultans Trail cycle tour in hiking and cycling magazine | op Weg| 

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