What to take?

A walker is depended on the weather conditions and should therefore be prepared for anything. A fairly complete equipment consists of:

  • sturdy, well-run walking shoes;
  • socks, seamless and perfectly adapted, so not to loose (causing risk of wrinkling and the foot will slip into the sock);
  • shirts or blouses, two pieces, with or without short sleeves;
  • two pants, lightweight, nice fabric, with detachable legs or one long and one short;
  • fleece jacket;
  • underwear 3;
  • singlet / t-shirt to sleep in;
  • possibly long johns, cold nights to use as pajamas;
  • poncho, covering your backpack and a waterproof cover for the backpack;
  • any rain pants;
  • headgear, a folding hat or baseball cap, a balaclava in cold, sweatband in warm weather;
  • handkerchiefs, if necessary paper towels;
  • slippers or sandals;
  • toiletries and personal gear (e.g. medicines);
  • maps and guides;
  • swiss army knife;
  • GPX

TIP: A full backpack should never weigh more than 20% of your body weight.

‘Anything you leave at home helps’.

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