A hike from Istanbul to Vienna and back
About me, and about the hike

Hello There!

I’m Paddy Devlin, I’m 28 years old and recently quit my job with the intention of fulfilling a long term goal of completing a long-distance solo hike.  I enjoyed many aspects of my job but had an irrepressible itch to get outside and explore. With my 29th birthday just round the corner (and I reckon my 30th will come hot on its heels) and the feeling that responsibilities have a way of increasing over time, I reckoned that now was the time.

In January 2017 I am leaving the UK to hike from Istanbul to Vienna and back.  I won’t be using motorised transport for the entire length of the trip*, intend to camp out/stay in the mountains/away from population centres as much as possible.  My intended route will be as follows (With mountain ranges in brackets):

Istanbul -> Bulgaria (Rhodope/Rila) -> Serbia (Dinaric) -> Bosnia-Herzegovina (Dinaric) -> Croatia (Dinaric)-> Slovenia (Julian Alps) -> Italy (Alps/Dolomites) -> Austria (Alps) -> Slovakia (Carpathians/Tatras) -> Ukraine (Carpathians) -> Romania (Carpathians) -> Serbia -> Bulgaria (Balkan) -> Istanbul.

You can see it mapped out here –Total Route (Rough)

I intend to keep a blog of my trip and update whenever I can; at least a post or two per country, with descriptions of my route, the people I meet, the difficulties I encounter etc.

As you can see, the blog is pretty basic/not really existent for the moment, but I intend to populate it with content as I go, so hopefully, it will become a better read/browse in time.

I hope you like the blog, and please message me if you have any comments or suggestions.


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2017 Paddy Devlin - Sultans Trail
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