Sultans Trail


Survey Results

As promised now we are here with the result of the first Sultans Trail online survey! On behalf of Sultans Trail, I would like to thank all of you for taking your time and completing the survey. Your feedback is essential for us as we want to ensure that our programs match the preference of the hikers within our network.

Below is a brief snapshot of the findings from the survey:

  • What motivates you to read the Sultans Trail’s newsletter?

The result indicates four reasonings which motivates people to receive the newsletter: interest with the Balkan region and connection with our organisation (apart from the pre-set options like ‘I have used the trail’ and ‘I intend to use the trail’). Based on your answer, half of the participants – 50% have used the trail. Then, 36% of respondents willing to be on the trail for their next hiking trip and have not experienced the trail themselves. Lastly, a small percentage of hikers have a personal interest in the region and build a connection with the Sultans Trail organisation at 9% and 4.5% respectively.

  • If you were to use the Sultans Trail, how would you prefer to do so?

More than 80% of you prefer to walk the trail by foot while 9.2% of respondent think that cycling the trail might be an option. Last of all, doing both activities (walking and cycling) is preferred by 9% of the participants.

  • What would be your main motivation to travel route?

The top 3 motivations to travel in Sultans Trail region are: to learn about culture/history/people (81.8%), personal development/adventure/challenge (50%), and holiday/leisure (45.5%). However, some respondents also see the cultural route trip as a tool in improving physical well-being (40.9%) and spirituality (45.5%) with a small margin compare to the top 3 motivations. As the third question is a multiple-choice question, the respondent can have more than one correct answer thereby the total response percentage exceeds 100%.

If you want to look at the complete results and graphics, please find them here.

We are very pleased with the results because they tell us for whom we are working. Of course, we want to know more, therefore we have 4 new questions. It’ll take you only a few minutes. You would help us a lot! This is the link