Sultans Trail


Dear Readers,

Thank you for your participation! You should know that your responses are essential, and we are so happy to know you a little bit more through your responses. As promised, below are the survey results.

First the questions
Thank you again for making your preference known to us. At this point, we would like to hear back more from you. The questions are divided into hikers- and newsletter-related questions:


  1. In general, how the current situation of COVID-19 affect your leisure/travel plan?
    o I cancelled all my upcoming trips
    o I postpone my trip plan, but I will travel once the measures are lifted up
    o It does not affect me, I am still making more plans for holiday
  2.  How long would you allocate your time to explore the Sultans Trail?
    o One to two weeks
    o Three to four weeks
    o One to two months
    o More than two months


  1.  What would you like to see and read on the newsletter? So, it gets more appealing, informative, and attractive to the readers?
  2. Are you interested in contributing to the newsletter?
    o Yes, how?
    o No, why

The results

Effect of COVID-19 on Holiday

Over 90% of respondents prefer to cancel their upcoming trips during the COVID-19 pandemics. And most of the cancelled trips were only temporarily postponed due to implemented health and safety protocols in different places. It’s followed by 18% of respondents who opted to cancel their holiday plan without intention to travel again when the situation improves. Lastly, a small percentage of people tend to keep going on their holiday as they are confident that travel is possible shortly.

Expected Duration of Travel

Concerning travel duration on the trail, the two most selected length of trips are quite similar in terms of percentage share amongst the respondents which are (1) one or two weeks and (2) more than two months with a small margin of 37% and 36% respectively. And less than a fifth of people choose to be on the trail for one to two months. It left a small minority to opt for three to four weeks duration on the trail.

The readers would like to read…….

The responses are shown on the ‘word-map’ below. In the graph, the size of words reflects the frequency of word within the dataset. The larger a word is, the more frequent it shows in the dataset. From the map, we can learn that both information about the trail and experiences of travellers are two subjects which are desired most by the readers. Some readers would like us to elaborate on the trail sections and would like to read more about different features such as nature, villages, culture, and history